The Company expects all employees to follow their assigned work schedules unless they have made prior arrangements with their supervisors to work at different times. Employees should not clock in prior to their assigned start times, nor should they clock out later than their assigned ending times, unless they have been instructed by a supervisor to start work early or stop work late. Likewise, employees should not clock in until they are ready and prepared to begin their assigned tasks, and should not clock out unless they are completely finished with their work for the day.

The Company must maintain accurate time records on all employees, and each employee bears primary responsibility for enabling the Company to do that. Properly recording work time and complying with the Company's timekeeping procedures are in each employee's job description, regardless of whether such duties are spelled out in such a document. The [title of resource] explains the procedures for using your swipe cards to clock in and out. Employees must follow those procedures exactly. Failure to properly clock in and out is an imposition on the other employees who must handle such negligence and will result in corrective action as outlined below, and may adversely affect raise reviews and performance evaluations as well.

Each employee must fully and accurately record all time that he or she works each day, without exception, according to the rules and procedures that apply in the department to which the employee is assigned. No employee may alter or otherwise modify his or her time record, record work time for another employee, or alter or modify in any way the time record of another employee, unless specifically instructed or allowed to do so by a supervisor. No employee may work without properly recording the time worked. At the end of each pay period, the employee must sign a certification on the time record that the record accurately and completely reflects all time worked during the period in question and that no hours were worked that do not show up in the record.

Any violation of this policy may lead to disciplinary action, up to and potentially including termination of employment, depending upon the severity or repeat nature of the offense.

[Note: See also: Work Schedules.]

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