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Welcome to our Texas Conference for Employers! On November 7, 2023, I was appointed by Governor Abbott to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) as the Commissioner Representing Employers. I take great pride in our agency serving as a first line of resources for Texas employers, and I believe the Texas Guidebook for Employers is a vital resource. Within this guidebook, you will find valuable information on a variety of workplace issues, including important state and federal laws, key employer contact information, unemployment and tax information, and samples of resource materials as well. In addition, the guidebook has been recently updated with Covid-19 related topics and guidance.

I know times have been tough, but so are our Texas employers. During the pandemic, running a business presented many challenges and required many of you to adapt and overcome obstacles in order to serve your customers in a safe and efficient manner. Our team remains committed to helping prepare your businesses for today's workforce challenges, and I value the role TWC plays in providing Texas employers information regarding state and federal employment laws. Together, our agency will work as your partner so that Texas businesses can continue contributing to the economic success of our great state.

Our state's elected leadership have put a lot of effort into ensuring that Texas businesses can successfully start, steadily nurture, and ultimately expand - right here at home. And the "secret to our success" is simple, really: in Texas, we have worked very hard to be known as a state that welcomes businesses - large and small - with open arms. As a result, Texas continues to enjoy a level of economic success that other states are hard-pressed to match.

As the Commissioner Representing Employers, I am looking forward to working with the more than 666,000 Texas employers and 2.6 million small businesses across our great state. Together, let's keep working to ensure that Texas remains the best state in the nation for business!


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Joe Esparza
Commissioner Representing Employers

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