The Company strives to protect the privacy of its employees' medical information to the greatest possible extent. To that end, we provide the following guidelines regarding the confidentiality of medical information:

  1. "Medical information" is any information, data, or documentation relating to an employee's mental or physical condition. The term includes, but is not limited to, oral, written, or digital information concerning an employee's mental or physical condition; medical records; dental records; disability records; workers' compensation records; medical leave records; genetic information; health insurance information; and/or information concerning visits or payments to any health care professional, hospital, emergency room, or other type of short- or long-term health care facility.

  2. Any medical information concerning employees will be maintained in separate, confidential medical files apart from regular personnel records. Only authorized employees may ever have access to such files.

  3. Employees are hereby notified that medical information concerning employees is absolutely confidential under state and federal laws and may not be discussed at any time with any person under any circumstances, unless an employee needs to do so in order to carry out his or her job duties, or unless the person discussing the information is talking or otherwise communicating with the subject of the information at that person's invitation. If an employee is concerned about a possible medical condition on the part of a coworker, the employee must not discuss such concern with anyone other than [designate the person to whom such concerns should be brought].

  4. Any employee who is found to have discussed medical information about another employee with anyone else in violation of this policy, or who is found to have released such information without authorization, will be subject to severe disciplinary action, up to and possibly including immediate termination from employment. In addition, state and federal laws may subject such an employee to both civil and criminal action in a court of law.

[Note: See also: General policy on confidentiality of information and HIPAA Privacy Rule - What Employers Need to Know.]

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