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Frequently-Accessed Wage and Hour Regulations

Part 516 - Records to Be Kept by Employers

Part 519 - Employment of Full-Time Students at Subminimum Wages

Part 520 - Employment Under Special Certificate of Messengers, Learners (Including Student-Learners), and Apprentices

Part 531 - Wage Payments Under the Fair Labors Standards Act of 1938

Part 541 - Defining and Delimiting the Exemptions for Executive, Administrative, Professional, Computer and Outside Sales Employees

Part 552 - Application of the Fair Labor Standards Act to Domestic Service

Part 553 - Application of the Fair Labor Standards Act to Employees of State and Local Governments

Part 570 - Child Labor Regulations, Orders and Statements of Interpretation

Part 778 - Overtime Compensation

Part 779 - The Fair Labor Standards Act as Applied to Retailers of Goods or Services

Part 780 - Exemptions Applicable to Agriculture, Processing of Agricultural Commodities, and Related Subjects Under the Fair Labor Standards Act

Part 782 - Exemption from Maximum Hours Provisions for Certain Employees of Motor Carriers

Part 785 - Hours Worked

Part 791 - Joint Employment Relationship Under Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938

Part 801 - Application of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988

Part 825 - The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993

Part 870 - Restriction on Garnishment

Part 1620 - The Equal Pay Act (EEOC regulations)

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